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These are the Furrbulous awards that have been generously bestowed upon us so far. *Bunny hugz*
A special *bunny lick* to thank you to all those who have given us one! We love them all!

~6th December 2001~
Woo-hoo! Our first award! Cinnamon & Marshmallow are very proud of this award.
Thanks Annie & Emmie at the Carrot Patch!

Annie & Emmie's Bunderful Site Award

Emmi Loves This Site Like Parsley Award

~7th December 2001~
Hey! We LOVE this award too!! Thank you Emmi!!!

~ 8th December 2001~
Bunny thanks to Rabbits Rule 4 their awesome award!

~12th December 2001~
Lots of Thanx 2 Kari fur your award! We LOVE it! From Cinnamon & Marshamallow

~ 21st December 2001~
Thank you thank you so much! Scootie")

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