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Marshmallow a.k.a Furball

Hello.....I'm Marshmallow. I know pic not very nice.... And yeah, I'm 2 months plus but already (coming to 3 soon), I'm making quite a nuisance of myself...BUT...I'm very guai hor! Whenever I'm let out, I dun do my business anywhere but in my cage.....hahaha....=p...Nevertheless, I love to shred paper & bite the grills of my cage and make alot of noise to get my owner's attention!

5th October 2001

Food, sleeping, playing, shredding paper, hiding in corners, jumping onto things and my humans!!!

Going to the vet, being neglected, getting my nails clipped and getting scolded & not being able to run around enuff to satisfy myself.

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I like to jump on things, tear paper and make alot of noise to get my owner's attention!!!

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