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Cinnamon a.k.a Baby

Hello..... by now, I'm sure that you know my name. I'm the master in the house (At least I think so..) and have complete control over my REAL owner, Clara. I always get what I want. As a house rabbit, I seldom get to explore the great outdoors and just have to keep myself content playing with the toys that were bought for me. So, you can see, as a result of this, I suddenly got an idea to make my own webpage. It seemed a furrbulous way to meet other rabbits and leave my pawprints there. Recently, a newcomer was introduced into the family. She's like me, a chocolate Netherland Dwarf but 2 months only. Last but not least, let me say a little bit more about of myself...

10th July 2001

Belly Rubs.. (Yes! nothings better than a good belly rub..), eating, getting all the love and attention, being stroked on the back and scratched behind the ears and under my cheek, surfing the net =), making my homepage =D, playing with my toys (yup...yup...I've got lots of toys!!! Ain't I lucky?).

Going to the vet, being neglected, getting my nails clipped and getting scolded.

My Fave Cliques...


What's Unique About Me...
I like to jump on things...Somehow or rather, I realised that the world is so big and there's lots to view up there and explore.

Favourite Phrase:
"Cinnamon Rulez!"


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